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Yo Ho Ho.

2020 has been a long, long year for all kinds of reasons, so this year we look at some fresh resolutions for 2021 and reflect on a crazy 12 months, as well as what we learned in 2020.

Julien also shares a Fitness Tip of the Month and we answer the final listener questions of the year!

The It's Christmas Time! episode of the 2 Guys on Fitness podcast.

"Well, that was a
bit of an odd year."

Allen Therisa

Not a Personal Trainer

Original music by Podington Bear (Jungle Bells & We Wish You a Merry Christmas) under an NonCommercial_ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence.

Last month's episode:


The podcast

Helpful advice, opinions & jokes for gym fans everywhere, each month from the heart of London.

The hosts

Julien Bertherat (Personal Trainer) & Allen Therisa (not so much) take to the microphone.